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Simplified corporation

Identification : 801 494 014 R.C.S Versailles

Located :

Immeuble Sully - 131-135 Boulevard Carnot - 78110 Le Vésinet

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Photo Credits

Any reproduction or use of photographic material which has the rights KARUNI is prohibited regardless of the type of publication (paper, internet or otherwise) without prior permission of KARUNI and can be carried out only for the use which will been accepted by KARUNI.

Any changes to a picture or its  caption, should be subject to prior written approval of KARUNI. No picture may be used for advertising purposes without permission.

If you perform an operation on the picture, you create a "derivative" works. According to the law on copyrights in force, the creator of the original work is considered the owner of copyright. Therefore, you do not hold the copyright of the derivative work because you do not own the original work.