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  • What are the risks of oxidation of my sterling silver jewelry?
    The jewels are made of 999 fine silver or sterling silver 925. High quality, they do not oxidize nor leave traces of blackish or greenish skin.

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  • What maintenance for my jewelry in sterling silver and ebony?
    Over time, the silver jewelry may tarnish slightly. For fin silver jewelry 999, this is slow because it is often the component that is added to the sterling silver 925 that cause this discoloration.

    To restore luster, use a soft cloth dampened with a mixture of lemon and water. Do not use chemicals including the silverware, they wear out quickly because your jewelry are very aggressive.

    To maintain ebony wood jewelry, you can use beeswax or oil for wood, it will protect and strengthen their impermeability.

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  • Do jewels have a risk of causing an allergy?
    Tuareg silver jewelry in fine silver 999 does not pose a risk of allergy. They are composed entirely of silver without adding any other metal in contrast to sterling silver 925. Silver metal allergies are very rare.

    The bronze jewelry is nickel-free, it's usually nickel which is the cause of allergy. They are composed mainly of copper.

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